The impossibility of getting bored

The impossibility of getting bored
Drawing developed at Arti et Amicitiae (Amsterdam, NL) for the show Everything is on the one, pencil on paper, 5x1,5m

In this large-scale drawing, reflections, repeated patterns, and the blending of forms offer a glimpse into an algorithmic perspective. The images that emerge are the product of artificial intelligence, selected based on their abstract nature and resemblance to real-world objects, then transferred onto paper. The inherent uncanniness of these elements often renders them abstract.
While the primary focus of using the machine-learning program Stable Diffusion was to see how it interprets alphabets and language, the overarching aim was to recreate the chaotic influx of information experienced through constant scrolling on a phone screen. 
Simultaneously, the drawing serves as a visual diary of my browsing history, featuring daily A4 tracings of my laptop screen.